What is it, where and how to

Q: What is SFZ? Where I can find some documentation? I would like to make my own instrument.

A: You can find the documentation and tutorials on the sfzformat website.

Q: Are there some instruments that I can test with sfizz?

A: There are various websites where to get free and commercial instruments, some of the free ones are linked from here, like sfzinstruments and freepats.

Supported by sfizz

Q: Which opcodes are supported by sfizz?

A: The opcode support table can be found here. It has also some search filters: - by query string - by version - by status (supported, unsupported and work in progress) - by categories



Q: I can't load any sfz or scala file, selecting the menu / clicking the button does nothing.

A: The file requester depends on the zenity package, which probably is missing in your system.