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sfizz is a sample-based musical synthesizer.

It features the well-established SFZ instrument format at its core, which permits to use existing instrument libraries, or create personal instruments with ease.

Not only is sfizz ready-to-use as an instrument plugin of its own, the library allows developers to create instruments of their own, taking advantage of the abilities of SFZ.

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  • SFZ compatible

sfizz supports SFZv1, and is partially compatible with SFZv2, the current revision of the instrument specification. The objective is to achieve a high level of SFZ compatibility, and the quality improves with every release.

  • Ready-to-use

The synthesizer is available as audio workstation plugins, in VST3i, Audio Unit and LV2 formats. The more advanced users may also use a standalone JACK client.

  • For instrument makers

The hot reload ability helps you to design intruments. You are able to edit your custom instrument and test the change on the fly, without having to interact with the software manually.

  • Low memory footprint

The streaming system loads the sounds on demand, and dynamically reclaims the memory of sounds which are no longer used. This keeps the RAM memory requirement at minimum.

See in action

Some artists have demonstrated music creation using sfizz, independently of this project. You are welcome to watch the media and support their work.