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Opcodes Support Status

Here is the list of currently supported headers and opcodes.

The classification follows the list over at

Supported Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • macOS X
  • Windows

Supported Headers

Header Version Supported
region SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
group SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
control SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
global SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
curve SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
effect SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
master ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
sample SFZ v2 :x:

Supported Opcodes

Sound Source: Sample Playback

Opcode Version Supported Comment
count SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
delay SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
delay_random SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
delay_samples SFZ v2 :x:
delay_samples_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
delay_beats SFZ v2 :x:
stop_beats SFZ v2 :x:
direction SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
end SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
loop_mode SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark: Alias: loopmode
loop_start SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark: Alias: loopstart
loop_end SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark: Alias: loopend
loop_count SFZ v2 :x:
loop_crossfade SFZ v2 :x:
loop_type SFZ v2 :x:
offset SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
offset_ccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
offset_random SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
sample SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
sync_beats SFZ v1 :x:
sync_offset SFZ v1 :x:
reverse_loccN SFZ v2 :x:
reverse_hiccN SFZ v2 :x:
waveguide SFZ v2 :x:


Opcode Version Supported Comment
load_mode Cakewalk SFZ v2 :x:
load_start Cakewalk SFZ v2 :x:
load_end Cakewalk SFZ v2 :x:
sample_quality Cakewalk SFZ v2 :construction:
image Cakewalk SFZ v2 :x:

Wavetable Oscillator

Opcode Version Supported Comment
oscillator SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
oscillator_phase SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
oscillator_multi SFZ v2 :construction:
oscillator_mode SFZ v2 :construction: PM and FM same behavior, for now
oscillator_detune SFZ v2 :construction:
oscillator_detune_oncc SFZ v2 :construction:
oscillator_quality SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
oscillator_table_size SFZ v2 :x:
oscillator_mod_depth SFZ v2 :construction:
oscillator_mod_depth_onccN SFZ v2 :construction:

Instrument Settings

Opcode Version Supported Comment
#define SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
default_path SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
label_ccN ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
label_keyN sfizz :heavy_check_mark:
octave_offset SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
note_offset SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
set_ccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
set_hdccN ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
#include ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
global_label ARIA :x:
master_label ARIA :x:
group_label ARIA :x:
region_label ARIA :x:

Instrument Settings: Voice Lifecycle

Opcode Version Supported Comment
group SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark: Alias: polyphony_group
off_by SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark: Alias: offby
off_mode SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark: Alias: offmode
polyphony SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
polyphony_group ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
note_polyphony SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
note_selfmask SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
rt_dead SFZ v2 :x:

Region Logic: Key Mapping

Opcode Version Supported Comment
key SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
lokey SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
hikey SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
lovel SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
hivel SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:

Region Logic: MIDI Conditions

Opcode Version Supported Comment
loccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
hiccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
lohdccN ARIA :heavy_check_mark: Alias: lorealccN
hihdccN ARIA :heavy_check_mark: Alias: hirealccN
lobend SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
hibend SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
sustain_sw SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
sustain_cc ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
sustain_lo ARIA :x:
sostenuto_sw SFZ v2 :x:
sostenuto_cc ARIA :x:
sostenuto_lo ARIA :x:
sw_lokey SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
sw_hikey SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
sw_last SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
sw_lolast ARIA :x:
sw_hilast ARIA :x:
sw_down SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
sw_up SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
sw_previous SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
sw_vel SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
sw_default SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
lochan SFZ v1 :x: Not supported by design
hichan SFZ v1 :x: Not supported by design
loprog SFZ v2 :x: Not supported by design
hiprog SFZ v2 :x: Not supported by design

Region Logic: Internal Conditions

Opcode Version Supported Comment
lorand SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
hirand SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
seq_length SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
seq_position SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
lochanaft SFZ v1 :x:
hichanaft SFZ v1 :x:
lopolyaft SFZ v1 :x:
hipolyaft SFZ v1 :x:

Region Logic: Triggers

Opcode Version Supported Comment
trigger SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
on_loccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
on_hiccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
start_loccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark: Alias: on_loccN
start_hiccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark: Alias: on_hiccN
stop_loccN SFZ v2 :x:
stop_hiccN SFZ v2 :x:
start_lohdccN ARIA :heavy_check_mark: Alias: on_lohdccN
start_hihdccN ARIA :heavy_check_mark: Alias: on_hihdccN
stop_lohdccN ARIA :x:
stop_hihdccN ARIA :x:

Performance Parameters: Amplifier

Opcode Version Supported Comment
pan SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
pan_onccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
pan_stepccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
pan_smoothccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
pan_curveccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
pan_keycenter SFZ v2 :x:
pan_keytrack SFZ v2 :x:
pan_veltrack SFZ v2 :x:
position SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
position_onccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
position_stepccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
position_smoothccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
position_curveccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
volume SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark: Alias: gain
gain_ccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
volume_onccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
volume_stepccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
volume_smoothccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
volume_curveccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
amplitude ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
amplitude_onccN ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
amplitude_smoothccN ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
amplitude_curveccN ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
amplitude_stepccN ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
width SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
width_onccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
width_stepccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
width_smoothccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
width_curveccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
amp_keycenter SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
amp_keytrack SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
amp_veltrack SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
amp_velcurve_N SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
amp_random SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
rt_decay SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
xf_cccurve SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
xf_keycurve SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
xf_velcurve SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
xfin_loccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
xfin_hiccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
xfout_loccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
xfout_hiccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
xfin_lokey SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
xfin_hikey SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
xfout_lokey SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
xfout_hikey SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
xfin_lovel SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
xfin_hivel SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
xfout_lovel SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
xfout_hivel SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
global_amplitude ARIA :construction:
master_amplitude ARIA :construction:
group_amplitude ARIA :construction:
global_volume ARIA :construction:
master_volume ARIA :construction:
group_volume ARIA :construction:

Performance Parameters: Filter

Opcode Version Supported Comment
eqN_bw SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
eqN_bwccX SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
eqN_freq SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
eqN_freqccX SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
eqN_vel2freq SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
eqN_gain SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
eqN_gainccX SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
eqN_vel2gain SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
eqN_type SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
cutoff SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
cutoff_ccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
cutoff_curveccN SFZ v2 :x:
cutoff_smoothccN SFZ v2 :x:
cutoff_stepccN SFZ v2 :x:
cutoff_chanaft SFZ v1 :x:
cutoff_polyaft SFZ v1 :x:
fil_keytrack SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
fil_keycenter SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
fil_random SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
fil_type SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
fil_veltrack SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
fil_gain ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
fil_gain_onccN ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
fil_type SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
resonance SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
resonance_onccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
resonance_curveccN SFZ v2 :x:
resonance_smoothccN SFZ v2 :x:
resonance_stepccN SFZ v2 :x:
cutoff2 SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
cutoff2_onccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
cutoff2_curveccN SFZ v2 :x:
cutoff2_smoothccN SFZ v2 :x:
cutoff2_stepccN SFZ v2 :x:
fil2_keycenter SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
fil2_keytrack SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
fil2_type SFZ v2 Almost all
fil2_veltrack SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
fil2_gain ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
fil2_gain_onccN ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
fil2_type SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
resonance2 SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
resonance2_onccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
resonance2_curveccN SFZ v2 :x:
resonance2_smoothccN SFZ v2 :x:
resonance2_stepccN SFZ v2 :x:

Performance Parameters: Pitch

Opcode Version Supported Comment
pitch_keycenter SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
pitch_keytrack SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
pitch_random SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
pitch_veltrack SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
transpose SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
tune SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
pitch_onccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
pitch_stepccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
pitch_curveccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
pitch_smoothccN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
bend_up SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark: Alias: bendup
bend_down SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark: Alias: benddown
bend_smooth SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
bend_step SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
bend_stepup SFZ v2 :x:
bend_stepdown SFZ v2 :x:
pitch ARIA :heavy_check_mark: Alias: tune

Modulation: Envelope Generators

Opcode Version Supported Comment
ampeg_attack SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_attackccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_vel2attack SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_decay SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_decayccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_vel2decay SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_delay SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_delayccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_vel2delay SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_hold SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_holdccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_vel2hold SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_release SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_releaseccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_vel2release SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_sustain SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_sustainccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_vel2sustain SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_start SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_startccN SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
ampeg_dynamic ARIA :x:
fileg_attack SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_attackccN SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_vel2attack SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_decay SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_decayccN SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_vel2decay SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_delay SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_delayccN SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_vel2delay SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_hold SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_holdccN SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_vel2hold SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_release SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_releaseccN SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_vel2release SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_sustain SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_sustainccN SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_vel2sustain SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_start SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_startccN SFZ v1 :x:
fileg_dynamic ARIA :x:
pitcheg_attack SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_attackccN SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_vel2attack SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_decay SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_decayccN SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_vel2decay SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_delay SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_delayccN SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_vel2delay SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_hold SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_holdccN SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_vel2hold SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_release SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_releaseccN SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_vel2release SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_sustain SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_sustainccN SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_vel2sustain SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_start SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_startccN SFZ v1 :x:
pitcheg_dynamic ARIA :x:


Opcode Version Supported Comment
curve_index ARIA :heavy_check_mark:
vN SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:


Opcode Version Supported Comment
effect1 SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
effect2 SFZ v1 :heavy_check_mark:
effect3 SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
effect4 SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
type SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
bus SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
directtomain SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
fxNtomain SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
bypass_onccN Cakewalk :x:

Effect: Autopan

Opcode Version Supported Comment
apan_dry SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
apan_dry_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
apan_wet SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
apan_wet_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
apan_depth SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
apan_depth_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
apan_freq SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
apan_freq_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
apan_phase SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
apan_phase_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
apan_waveform SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:

Effect: Lofi

Opcode Version Supported Comment
bitred SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
bitred_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
bitred_curveccN SFZ v2 :x:
bitred_stepccN SFZ v2 :x:
bitred_smoothccN SFZ v2 :x:
decim SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
decim_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
decim_curveccN SFZ v2 :x:
decim_stepccN SFZ v2 :x:
decim_smoothccN SFZ v2 :x:

Effect: Filter

Opcode Version Supported Comment
filter_cutoff SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
filter_cutoff_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
filter_resonance SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
filter_resonance_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
filter_type SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
filter_gain sfizz :heavy_check_mark:
filter_gain_onccN sfizz :x:

Effect: EQ

Opcode Version Supported Comment
eq_bw SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
eq_freq SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
eq_freq_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
eq_gain SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:
eq_gain_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
eq_type SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark:

Effect: Strings

Opcode Version Supported Comment
strings_number SFZ v2 :heavy_check_mark: Difference of behavior
strings_wet sfizz :heavy_check_mark:
strings_wet_onccN SFZ v2 :x:

Effect: Rectify

Opcode Version Supported Comment
rectify_mode sfizz :heavy_check_mark:
rectify sfizz :heavy_check_mark:
rectify_onccN sfizz :x:

Effect: Gain

Opcode Version Supported Comment
gain sfizz :heavy_check_mark: Disambiguation needed
gain_onccN sfizz :x: Disambiguation needed

Effect: Width

Opcode Version Supported Comment
width sfizz :heavy_check_mark: Disambiguation needed
width_onccN sfizz :x: Disambiguation needed

Effect: Reverb

Opcode Version Supported Comment
reverb_dry SFZ v2 :construction:
reverb_dry_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
reverb_wet SFZ v2 :construction:
reverb_wet_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
reverb_input SFZ v2 :construction:
reverb_input_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
reverb_type SFZ v2 :construction:
reverb_damp SFZ v2 :construction:
reverb_damp_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
reverb_predelay SFZ v2 :construction:
reverb_predelay_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
reverb_size SFZ v2 :construction:
reverb_size_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
reverb_tone SFZ v2 :construction:
reverb_tone_onccN SFZ v2 :x:

Effect: Phaser

Opcode Version Supported Comment
phaser_wet SFZ v2 :x:
phaser_wet_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
phaser_depth SFZ v2 :x:
phaser_depth_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
phaser_stages SFZ v2 :x:
phaser_feedback SFZ v2 :x:
phaser_feedback_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
phaser_waveform SFZ v2 :x:
phaser_freq SFZ v2 :x:
phaser_freq_onccN SFZ v2 :x:
phaser_phase_onccN SFZ v2 :x:

Effect: Compressor

Opcode Version Supported Comment
comp_gain SFZ v2 :construction:
comp_attack SFZ v2 :construction:
comp_release SFZ v2 :construction:
comp_ratio SFZ v2 :construction:
comp_threshold SFZ v2 :construction:
comp_stlink SFZ v2 :construction:

Effect: Gate

Opcode Version Supported Comment
gate_attack SFZ v2 :construction:
gate_release SFZ v2 :construction:
gate_hold sfizz :construction:
gate_threshold SFZ v2 :construction:
gate_stlink SFZ v2 :construction:
gate_onccN SFZ v2 :x: