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sfizz depends mainly on the libsndfile library. In order to build also the standalone client and other demos, you need to install also the JACK Audio Connection Kit library.

The benchmarks depend on the benchmark library. If you wish to build the benchmarks you should either build it from source and install the static library, or use the library from your distribution. Debian and Ubuntu provide a libbenchmark-dev package that does this.

Build System

We use CMake as build system. Current configuration switches for CMake are:

ENABLE_LTO              Enable Link Time Optimization          [default: ON]
SFIZZ_JACK              Enable JACK stand-alone build          [default: ON]
SFIZZ_RENDER            Enable renderer of SMF files           [default: ON]
SFIZZ_LV2               Enable LV2 plug-in build               [default: ON]
SFIZZ_VST               Enable VST plug-in build               [default: OFF]
SFIZZ_AU                Enable AU plug-in build                [default: OFF]
SFIZZ_BENCHMARKS        Enable benchmarks build                [default: OFF]
SFIZZ_DEVTOOLS          Enable developer tools build           [default: OFF]
SFIZZ_TESTS             Enable tests build                     [default: OFF]
SFIZZ_SHARED            Enable shared library build            [default: ON]
SFIZZ_USE_VCPKG         Assume that sfizz is build using vcpkg [default: OFF]
SFIZZ_STATIC_LIBSNDFILE Link libsndfile statically             [default: OFF]
SFIZZ_RELEASE_ASSERTS   Forced assertions in release builds    [default: OFF]

By default this builds and installs:

  • The shared library version of sfizz with both C and C++ interfaces
  • The JACK client
  • The offline rendering client
  • The LV2 plugin

See the relates sections for building details for:


You can then find the JACK client in clients/sfizz_jack. Just specify an .sfz file as a parameter and you are good to go. The JACK client client will forcefully connect to the system output, and open an event input in JACK for you to connect a midi capable software or hardware (e.g. jack-keyboard). If no JACK server is already started it will start one with basic options.


If you already cloned the repository without the --recursive option, update the submodules manually with

git submodule update --init --recursive

All targets but the LV2 plugin can be disabled using:


and process as before. In this case, the LV2 plugin will load libsndfile dynamically from your system.

You can build with clang, although in that case the CMakeFile defaults to using libc++ instead of libstdc++.