sfizz 0.2.0 release

  • Added an LV2 plugin version.
  • The parser now falls back to case-insensitive search if it doesn't find the sample file in its current path (#28), so that the behavior of SFZ libraries on case-sensitive filesystems will match Windows and macOS default case-insensitive filesystems.
  • The file now reload automatically on file change, and you can force a reload if necessary (#17).
  • Corrected a bug where memory would be read past the end of the file in memory, generating artifacts.
  • Corrected a bug where the real-time queue handling background loading of the voices would fail spuriously.
  • Corrected a bug where in the LV2 plugin the unknown opcode list was truncated (#18).
  • Added dynamic updates for the current modifiers (panning, stereo image, volume and amplitude mainly) (#19, #28)
  • Added timing for callbacks and file loading times.
  • Added support for pitch bends (#6) as well as pitch-bend activation for regions (lobend and hibend opcodes).
  • The JACK client will warn you instead of crashing if you do not give it a file to load (#27).
  • Added a windows build process for both the shared library and the LV2. sfizz now builds on all major platforms.

See: GitHub release page