sfizz 1.2.3 release


  • Support for curvecc opcodes on v1 EGs (@PythonBlue)
  • Support for lotimer/hitimer (@essej)


  • Allow polyphonic aftertouch (cc 130) to respect the note number, which improves e.g. the choking logic (@essej)


  • Adjusted the gain compensation on pan stages (@cvde)
  • Ensure that voices are cleaned up before being force-reused (@iv-m)
  • Fixed a bug in the wavpack wrapper for multichannel files (@KKQ-KKQ)
  • Fixed a bug in the way the tuning root was computed (@KKQ-KKQ)
  • Fixed a bug where samples would be loaded in RAM twice when using hint_ram_based=1
  • Fixed a bug where quasi-simultaneous notes would not properly choke each other
  • Don't send a note off event if a note was choked by a CC event.