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sfizz v1.0.0 release

Posted on by redtide

  • SFZ v1 is virtually supported except for a handful of opcodes ! Please check for the up-to-date status of opcode support.
  • It is now possible to build sfizz without relying on libsndfile, using a set of libraries. This is now the default build mode. Building with libsndfile can be enabled at configure time.
  • The library and plugins can now load DecentSampler files, and could accomodate other formats.
  • CCs, keyswitch range, key ranges and active keyswitch are now displayed in the editor for all plugins. There has been a lot of UI work to make it more practical to use.
  • There is an OSC interface in the library, which allows to have introspection into the currently loaded file, the state of CCs/keyswitches, and also set some parameters for loaded regions.

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