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sfizz v0.3.2 release

Posted on by redtide

  • sfizz now builds down to gcc-4.9 with stricter C++11 compliance. The main release builds use C++17 mode on newer compilers (#111, #110)
  • Upstream libraries updates (abseil, filesystem and atomic_queue) (#121)
  • Added an experimental support for make uninstall (#118, #120)
  • Add the autopan (#105), width, rectifier, gain, limiter (#131), and string resonator (#143) effects
  • Curves are now registered within the synth but cannot be referenced yet (#96)
  • Corrected a bug where the VST plugin got recreated needlessly in some hosts (#122)
  • Added a “panic button” API that kills voices (#122)
  • Corrected a potential overflow for CC names (930bfd)
  • Added support for more generators using wavetables (#61)
  • Added support for the oscillator opcode, to create generators from files (#128)
  • Generators using wavetables are now correctly tuned (#126)
  • The stereo panning stage of the process was corrected; width is now set to 100% by default as it should, and panning is properly applied (1faa7f, b55171, #133)
  • The logging API can be used to set a log filename (a6cbb4)
  • Corrected errors in the performance report script related to display values (file names and histogram range)
  • Reworked the parser; the new one is more efficient, and can indicate error/warning ranges (#130)
  • The VST plugin now reloads the file automatically, like the LV2 plugin (#139)
  • The max number of CCs was increased to 512, to accomodate some libraries that use cc300 modifiers.
  • The engine uses floating point values internally for midi events (#137); this prepares it for high-resolution midi down the line.
  • Fixes some realtime synchronization issues in the VST (#140)
  • Added support for note_polyphony, polyphony, and note_selfmask (#142)
  • Added support for pitch_cc and tune_cc modifiers (#142)
  • The modifier support was overhauled; all regions can now have multiple CCs modifying the same target (#142).
  • Corrected bugs and differences with Cakewalk/ARIA in the ADSR envelope (#136, #129)
  • Improved performance of the amplitude stage gain of the rendering process (#145)
  • The VST3 are now a submodule; more architecture targets have been added (#158, #147, patch proposed by hexdump0815)

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